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“If I told you that one activity could make you healthier, improve the quality of your food, conserve fossil fuels, strengthen your community, increase biodiversity, help children understand that food does grow on trees, and restore your sense of connection with the natural world, would you be interested? I have two words: EDIBLE LANDSCAPING.” – Rosemary Creasy

GROW incredible edible homegrown food

It’s easy with DRP. Join our community. Grow with us

EAT healthy food from your own garden. Creating beautiful edible and native gardens that blend with your existing landscaping is easier than you realize. The truth is, anyone with a little time, a small growing area, and a passion for good food can grow an edible garden! Knowing what nutrients are going into the food you harvest and what chemicals are not going into your body, produces a wonderful peace of mind.

Why raised beds are best

Crops grow better in the deep, loose, fertile soil of raised beds.

For space efficiency and high yields, it’s hard to beat a vegetable garden grown in raised beds. Raised beds can improve production as well as save space, time, and money. They also are the perfect solution for dealing with difficult soils such as heavy clay. In addition, raised beds improve your garden’s appearance and accessibility. The extra height (16” to 20”) allows a thick layer of dense leaf mulch which keeps the moisture in the soil and reduces watering – especially on hot dry days. Learn more.

Living soil. Healthy food. Healthy people.

Healthy soil grows healthy resilient plants

We are committed to fostering a more resilient and sustainable community through ideas, practices, and change built around good environmental stewardship. We educate and raise awareness by hosting informative workshops and producing empowering training videos. Wealthy or not, young or not so young – we offer solutions and a joyful path that everyone can be a part of.

Super Growth Garden Soil Blend Top soil, compost, leaf mulch, sand, granulated activated biochar, along with beneficial microorganisms (including Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizal fungi). All ingredients are included in meaningful amounts.

Our research and testing has produced the best quality edible garden soil blend available. Use our soil with applications of compost tea to get best results.

Free workshops and events

Grow with us. Our gardening methods are easy and fun.

Everyone is welcome to our monthly meeting on fourth Fridays at Good Earth Greenhouse in River Forest at 6pm. We support and educate local organic edible gardening communities. We encourage and empower residents through free monthly workshops about natural lawn care, edible garden design, spring edible gardening, raised bed gardening, season extension and watering/irrigation.

Our green products

Superior quality. Great value. Attractive design.

Our products, designs and methods are based on hundreds of hours of research and experimentation. The end result is a successful, fun, and amazing edible garden right from the start, and it just keeps getting better. Have a bountiful harvest your first year with our materials and methods. Our raised beds, soil, mulch and organic fertilizers nurture healthy soil which yields healthy resilient vegetables. Our products include custom soil blend for edibles, dense leaf mulch, custom raised beds, compost tea, organic fertilizer, biochar and more. We offer delivery and installation of raised beds, soil and mulch.

Purchases made from the Deep Roots online store help to fund our vision. Contact our director David Murphy at (773) 502-5600 and He can help you decide what you need and find answers to your other gardening questions. We are a 501c3 nonprofit and donations are tax deductible. For more details and ordering view our store.

Apply to win a A FREE raised bed edible garden

Our front yard “Inspiration Edible Garden” is worth more than $1,000.

Funding for 10 free gardens in Oak Park and River Forest was received from Entrepreneur Leaders in Philanthropy Fund, a giving group of the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation. Each garden includes a fully installed 4 x 8 foot raised bed, vegetable seedlings, native plants and the support to be successful. Only Oak Park and River Forest residents are eligible. All applicants must sign up for the Healthy Lawn Healthy Family pledge. See the details about the program and how to apply.

Healthy Lawn, Healthy Family Pledge

Take the pledge to stop using harmful lawn and garden chemicals. Gardening and lawn care chemicals can be harmful to humans, pets, wildlife and waterways. Children are most vulnerable to the health risks from toxic chemicals like pesticides. Learn more

Switch to natural lawn care methods

Enjoy a beautiful chemical-free lawn

A natural lawn can be beautiful, even by conventional standards. In fact, well-established natural lawns are healthier and stronger than conventionally maintained ones, especially in times of stress like drought. Since sustainable landscapes require less water, fertilizer, and pesticides, they are more cost effective over time.

Jeff Swano, owner of Dig Right In Landscaping, has been leading the way in residential organic lawn care since 2005. Over the years, he has come to fully understand the science and techniques necessary to build and sustain healthy soil ecology. Jeff provides organic lawn maintenance services, landscaping and leads our free lawn care workshops. Find out more about natural lawn care practices like compost tea and organic fertilizers. Contact Dig Right In for more details (708) 485-1234, jeff[at]

The good news is there are many surprisingly easy ways to care for your lawn and garden that avoid putting your family and neighbors at risk like watering correctly, mowing high, and using natural non-toxic products. Deep Roots Project is part of a growing movement to remove toxic chemicals from our homes, yards, water and food and to convert lawns to edible gardens. And don’t forget to take the Healthy Lawn, Healthy Family Pledge!

Keep in touch. We welcome donations & volunteers

  • Purchases made from our online store fund our vision. We are a 501c3 nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.

  • We need volunteers with a wide range of skills like building raised beds, unloading soil/mulch, edible garden coaching, networking, writing, social media, database tech and more.

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