Inspiration Edible Garden Project

As our program gains momentum, we are actively seek another grant, so all qualified applicants can have a free Inspiration Garden. Those applicants include schools, youth programs, congregations, and organizations. We need volunteers to help us apply for grants. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Estelle at estelle[at] or call 708-616-6473. We will continue to install gardens through September and resume selecting winners and installing gardens in the early spring 2020 if more funds become available.

Deep Roots awarded 10 free Inspiration Edible Gardens in 2018. Below is a photo of the ribbon-cutting celebration at the Trailside Museum in River Forest on July 29, 2018.Trailside received our first free raised bed. We are seeking more funding so we can award more free Inspiration Edible Gardens in 2019. We will help raise money with any church, school or organization who wants a edible garden and doesn't have the funds to buy one.


Our purpose

is to inspire the community to grow healthy food, remove toxins from their yards and donate a portion of their harvest to the hungry. Share the benefits of creating healthy and beautiful green spaces free of toxic chemicals with a vibrant growing community.

“If I told you that one activity could make you healthier, improve the quality of your food, conserve fossil fuels, strengthen your community, increase biodiversity, help children understand that food does grow on trees, and restore your sense of connection with the natural world, would you be interested? I have two words: EDIBLE LANDSCAPING.”  ~ Rosemary Creasy