Our Core Team and Network

Core team is Estelle Carol, William Schreiber and David Murphy

Estelle Carol (Co-Executive Director, DRP) is a talented graphic designer and business owner (http://www.webtraxstudio.com) with a long history of non-profit involvement in the community. She is an accomplished gardener with a passion for finding the most economical and efficient products and methods for growing organic produce. She learned edible gardening from friends, books, videos and the internet. Estelle is the founder of HerStory – a non-profit dedicated to women’s issues and supports other social justice organizations.

Will Schreiber (Co-Executive Director, DRP) is an electrical and computer engineer who researches and tests new organic gardening technologies. He brings the wisdom of 25+ years as a small business owner. Will is DRP’s product development specialist and design our raised beds and irrigation. He transformed half of Estelle’s 4-car garage into the Deep Roots carpentry workshop.

David Murphy (Director, DRP) is a lifelong entrepreneur founding and operating companies involved in manufacturing, food distribution and entertainment. David has led companies with sales in access of $5 million annually and has strong marketing and accounting skills. He is also a Senior Leader for the LIVESTRONG foundation coordinating the efforts of a dozen volunteers in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. He has transformed his own health through a passion for exercise and an organic diet.

Since fall 2016 Deep Roots project has developed a network of local Oak Park/River Forest founding partners and collaborating organizations:

Founding Partners:

  • Sugar Beet Schoolhouse (has 501c3 status)

  • Oak Park Area Edible Gardening Co-op

  • KaliKalé, Urban Farms and Learning Gardens

  • DigRightIn, Earth-Friendly Landscaping

Collaborating organizations:

  • River Forest Sustainability Committee and Green Block Party

  • Seven Generations Ahead

  • PlanItGreen - Green Guides project

  • GoGreen Oak Park – anti-pesticide policy advocacy

  • Green Community Connections

  • Cook County Wild Ones

  • Midwest Pesticide Action Center

More organizations and businesses will be invited to join our network:

Would your organization or group like to join our network?