“If I told you that one activity could make you healthier, improve the quality of your food, conserve fossil fuels, strengthen your community, increase biodiversity, help children understand that food does grow on trees, and restore your sense of connection with the natural world, would you be interested? I have two words: EDIBLE LANDSCAPING.” - Rosemary Creasy

Let's work together to bring edible landscaping & toxic-free lawns to our communities. Everyone is welcome.

The Deep Roots Project is a movement to convert conventional lawns into bountiful edible and native plant gardens and toxin free lawns in the Oak Park/River Forest area and beyond. We have monthly workshops, an edible gardening online store and a pledge to take toxics out of our yards. Bring us your ideas and your projects. Bring us your skills and your support. Bring us your inspiration and your time.  Widen our impact in exciting new ways. Share our message. Share your stories. 

Our purpose is to inspire the community to grow nutrient-rich healthy food, remove toxins from their yards and donate part of their harvest to the hungry. Each Inspiration front yard garden includes a fully installed 4 x 8 ft raised bed for edibles complete with soil, seedlings and the support to be successful. Applications will be accepted from May 15 to November 1, 2018. Funding for 10 free edible gardens in Oak Park and River Forest was received from Entrepreneur Leaders in Philanthropy Fund, a giving group of the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation.


“A society that erodes communities and isolates people – which this society does in major ways –  is itself going to create insanity. That is insanity.” – Gabor Maté


Living soil. Edible & native gardens. Healthy people. 


We are committed to fostering a more resilient and sustainable community through ideas, practices, and change built around good environmental stewardship.

We educate and raise awareness by hosting informative workshops and producing empowering training videos. 

We augment this messaging with our commercial landscape and garden building partners who provide exceptional design and installation of new gardens and toxic free lawns.

Wealthy or not, young or not so young – we offer solutions and a joyful path that everyone can be a part of. 


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