Raised Bed and Soil Kits

End of Season Sale

Our premium potting soil and dense mulch save time and money.

Much time, planning and labor went into researching, finding and mixing the ingredients for our potting soil. The finished soil is packed into easily transportable one cubic foot bags. We sell soil & mulch kits to fill a raised bed. We also sell individual bags of soil, mulch, compost, biochar, rock dust.

Our premium potting soil mix contains top soil, sand, organic compost, biochar, peat moss or coir. Peat moss is a non-renewable resource that keeps your soil fluffy and moist. Coir serves the same purpose as peat moss but is made from coconuts – a renewable resource. Rock dust is part of the kit in its own small bag. Learn more

Super dense leaf mulch retains moisture in your soil longer than other mulches. A process of storing and turning huge mounds of shredded leaves results in heat and compression creating a dense texture. The Chicago Botanical Garden uses the kind of mulch.

Screened organic compost can be added to existing veggie soil. It should also be added around plants to replenish nutrients a few times during the growing season. Learn more

Biochar supports healthy soil microbes. We have added 7% biochar by volume to the Deep Roots potting soil blend. We use top quality biochar pre-mixed with compost made by Mirimichi Green) Learn more

Rock dust contains important trace minerals made from pulverized glacial rocks. We don’t pre-mix it into our soil mix. A 2.5 lb bag is the correct amount for a 3’ x 6’ x 16” bed. We include a high quality face mask with each bag of Rock Dust. Avoid breathing the fine dust since it is harmful to your lungs. Learn more

Soil, mulch and amendments by the bag

Premium Potting Soil Blend – $6 per bag (one cubic foot, 40 lbs.)
Dense Leaf Mulch – $3 per bag(one cubic foot, 20 lbs.)
Screened Organic Compost – $3 per bag (one cubic foot, 40 lbs.)
Biochar – $20 per bag (half cubic foot, 13.5 lbs)
Rock Dust – $3 per bag (2.5 lbs.)

Premium Potting Soil & Mulch Kits

Save 10% when you buy soil and mulch for a whole bed.

BED SIZE              SOIL               MULCH            PRICE
3’ x 6’ x 16”          18 cu ft            6 cu ft              $114
3’ x 6’ x 8”            9 cu ft              3 cu ft               $57
3’ x 3’ x 16”          9 cu ft              3 cu ft               $57
3’ x 3’ x 8”           4.5 cu ft            2 cu ft               $30

To order products and to get more information contact

David Murphy, Managing Director
773-502-5600, dmurphy[at]deep-roots-project.org

All purchases and donations go to support our free workshops and other
educational work. The Deep Roots staff are volunteers.