Why Edible Garden Kits?

Highest quality. Affordable Prices. Easy setup.

We are creating edible garden kits that incorporate our research on the best organic methods and products.
View details and prices for our Raised Bed Kits and Soil & Mulch Kits. More kits will be coming soon.

To order products and to get more information contact

David Murphy, Managing Director,
773-502-5600, dmurphy[at]deep-roots-project.org

Income from sales goes totally to support our free workshops and other educational work.
The Deep Roots staff are volunteers.

“Planning a vegetable garden is a great and healthy idea in today’s economy. Growing tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and more is a fun and simple way to provide more healthful food for your table.”
– Vegetable Gardening Online

Minimize labor time and money by using the best soil, right amount of sun and water conservation methods. Learn how to make your yard beautiful, edible, and a healthy environment for people, pets and native species. While many think that starting their own organic garden can be complicated or requires special skills, the truth is, anyone with a little time on their hands, a small growing area, and a passion for good food can grow a garden!

Cut your learning time and have a great food garden the first season. To help ensure your success, piggyback on the knowledge, research, testing and experience of Deep Roots members and staff. Come to free Deep Roots workshops. Try out our raised bed kits and soil kits. Other kits will be added soon.

Don’t forget that gardening with family and friends makes the work and the learning curve easier and more fun.

 Coming Soon!

  • Fully installed raised beds with irrigation
  • Irrigation kits for all DRP raised bed sizes
  • Rain barrel kits
  • Fresh brewed compost tea (supports soil microbes)
  • Compost tea kits
  • Small cedar raised beds with curved sides that can be arranged in interesting combinations to create larger beds