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We have opportunities to help improve our systems, outreach and marketing and outdoor activities. Our commitment is to help our volunteers learn, share and grow!
Fundraising & Outreach
Donations, grants, networking connections
My Interests Include:
Natural and organic lawncare
Edible Gardening
Vegetables, container gardening, permaculture, hügelkultur, community gardens, garden design.
Native Gardening
Adding native plants to landscape
Compost Systems
methods, equipment, buying options.
Watering Systems
Rain Barrels, Irrigations, Automatic watering systems
Garden partnering, sharing land, tools, plants, seeds, harvest, food donations.
Family Gardening
Activities around growing food for kids and families.
Food Storing
Canning, freezing, fermenting, recipes.
Products and Services
High value , high quality products & services available in our online store
Raised beds
Constructing, buying, arranging.
Custom blended with biochar and other additives
High density leaf mulch.
Compost Tea
Natural, organic fertilizers
Delivery, installation, coaching, garden design, natural lawncare.
Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know what you're interested in!