Why Buy From Deep Roots?

Buy local and fund our mission

Purchases made from the Deep Roots online store help to fund our mission to encourage and empower residents through free workshops and outreach activities to convert toxic lawns into bountiful, organic edible and native gardens. gardens. We are part of a growing national movement to remove toxic chemicals from our homes, yards, water and food.

Why buy our soil blend?

There are many disadvantages to using the soil in your yard to grow food. Your soil likely has contaminants like lead and other heavy metals which require a soil test. Plus, your yard soil likely has many weed seeds and roots which can interfere with your crop.

We researched best quality/value soil and amendments mixed in correct proportions and fully blended. Buy soil from us to support local business and our mission. Use our soil with compost tea to get best results. See ingredients and more details.

Why buy our cedar raised beds?

  • Our cedar beds last 2 or 3 times longer than beds made from pine lumber. Life span of both cedar and pine beds will depends on your individual conditions.
  • Our Premium raised beds are constructed from 1.5 inch thick Western cedar. Our Basic beds are constructed from 1 inch thick Eastern cedar.
  • 16” deep beds retain more moisture and allow greater plant density per square foot of surface.
  • Our Basic raised bed kit is designed for easy transport and assembly.
  • Our beautiful unique designs are created by our master in-house engineer Will Schreiber.
  • Local delivery is available to Oak Park/River Forest and the surrounding area.
  • Ask us about our customized raised beds. We do modifications to existing products, as well as full custom raised bed designed to your specs.

Why buy our compost tea?

Our Compost Tea is seasonally brewed with air activated microbes for maximum nutrient delivery to plant roots in spring, summer, and fall. You can spray compost tea on your edible beds and organic lawns yourself, or we can apply it for you. Contact us for details. Our "Earth's Original Compost Tea" is freshly brewed three times per growing season by Dig Right In Landscaping.

Why make a donation?

Our products are priced to be as affordable as possible. Your added contribution will expand the reach of our mission. 


Order products and more info

Contact David Murphy, Managing Director 773-502-5600, dmurphy[at]deep-roots-project.org

Support our work!

All purchases and donations go to support our free workshops and other educational work. The Deep Roots staff are volunteers.