What Inspires Us

The Problem

Did you know that over 40 million acres of turf grass is grown in the United States? …That’s enough grass to cover the entire state of Wisconsin.

And every year, Americans dump 90 million pounds of toxic fertilizers and pesticides on that grass to keep it green and weed free. 

In this process, we are unknowingly exposing ourselves, our children, and our pets to toxins that are causing a host of serious health and environmental issues including cancer, birth defects, pollinator colony collapse and the contamination of our water and soil.

Meanwhile here in Cook County – 1 in 7 people will experience food insecurity this year.  Take a second and let that sink in – that equates to nearly a million of our neighbors not knowing when their next meal will come. 

The Deep Roots Project is proposing an elegant solution that addresses ALL of these problems.

Our Big Idea

Imagine if we decontaminate our yards and turn them into organic lawns and bountiful edible and native gardens, that we foster a local food economy that both produces and distributes food and that together we make a cultural shift that has huge implications for everyone.

Who we are

At its core, the Deep Roots Project is a dedicated team of creative and inspiring teachers, marketers and managers who have synergized with professional organic landscapers. We are committed to promoting good environmental stewardship of our community’s natural resources. Our movement has already been building for years and we are thrilled have the support of 11 amazing local organizations to take our work to the next level. This collaboration will help to ensure our success as we engage the public with our loud and clear call to action.

Our organization welcomes a wide spectrum of people, attitudes, capabilities and financial means. Wealthy or not, young or not so young - we offer solutions and a joyful path that everyone can be part of! 

We seek funding large and small during our start up phase

The Deep Roots Project will use funding to provide the critical tools needed to bring our vision to life. These tools include:

  • Marketing resources to launch our Awareness campaign designed to educate and activate

  • In depth workshops & “How To” videos

  • Gardening and Lawn equipment

  • An online marketplace to trade and share resources

  • Annual gardening celebrations

  • Edible and native garden kits for purchase

  • New community gardens providing harvests for the food insecure

What’s the return on investment?

We envision a green economy by stoking demand for our educational programming, gardening kits and for the services of our supporting partners.  Imagine students of our workshops tending to the lawns and gardens of residents who don’t have the time or physical means to do so.   

We are setting our goals high including…

  • 500 transitioned organic lawns and public green spaces - Greatly reducing our area’s toxic burden and stemming harmful run-off flowing into the Des Plains River.

  • 350 new edible food gardens capable of providing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of organic produce.

  • 25,000 square feet of new pollinator habitat nurturing endangered butterfly and bee species and accelerating the impact of the Living Corridors initiative.

  • And most importantly – the creation of a sustainable movement that is positively affecting the entire community.

Join us during this critical time for environmental stewardship. Please don’t miss this opportunity.

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