Volunteer Opportunities


We welcome volunteers

Meet our volunteer teams at our monthly volunteer meetings. We need volunteers with a wide range of skills like digging, carpentry, edible garden coaching and database tech. Contact our volunteer coordinator Briana at (708) 878-3639 and bvoakpark[at]yahoo.com.

We welcome donations

Purchases made from the our online store fund our vision. We are a 501c3 nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.

We are expanding our reach and enhancing our capabilities. We have several volunteer opportunities to choose from.

Why volunteer with us?

  • What you learn and share as a volunteer can enhance not only your gardening skills but is an enjoyable way to work together to make a positive impact on our community.
  • We welcome volunteers and new members to our monthly core team meetings, BUT attending meetings is NOT a requirement of volunteering.
  • Everyone can help out as their time permits by choosing activities that they enjoy and working in conjunction with a core team member.

Top Priorities:

  • Hand our our flyers, get new signups for our enewsletter at the Oak Park Farmers Market
  • Assist DRP by applying social media marketing skills and lending your writing and story telling skills.  
  • Make videos of our free workshops for our website
  • Help edit and write our DRP monthly email newsletter.
  • Assist with the planning workshops based on what our community wants to learn.
  • Expand he DRP website by finding resources, articles, stories, photos, and videos.

More Opportunities:

  • Help assemble and install our raised bed kits and other gardening kits. Get your hands dirty with the DRP team and have some fun.
  • Expand our community of volunteers. Talk with potential volunteers one-on-one, plan training sessions, identify skills and needs.
  • Join our garden education team. Find new ways to get answers to gardening questions coming from the DRP community. This could include a Q&A gardening newsletter, an online forum, matching beginner gardeners to mentors.
  • Assist in developing a sharing network for land, tools, supplies, skills, food and more.
  • Help bring the DRP vision and resources to churches, schools and organizations

Keep in touch

Receive our monthly newsletter and like our Facebook page for information on our free workshops, sales and resources. Enter a drawing for a $50 gift certificate when you join our email list.