Instructions for ordering seedlings

This is the first time we are offering the opportunity to pre-order seedlings for your edible garden — both for spring planting in April and summer planting in June. This is part of our free new “Crop Planning” education series that kicked off at the Crop Planning Workshop presented by Dan Gibbs on January 27. A video of the workshop will be available in early March.


4-pack of seedlings is $4.00 ($1 per seedling)
A full tray of eight 4-packs (32 seedlings) is $25 (78¢ per seedling)
All seedlings come in a pack of 4 baby plants as shown.

Dan has chosen his favorite 23 varieties of vegetables that grow well in our area. We are offering 22 types of seedlings and one envelope of spinach seeds since spinach doesn’t transplant well.

Pre-order the seedlings here.
Please pay by credit card.

Last day to order is March 8
You can order and pre-pay on our online store between Monday, Feb 11 and Friday, March 8. Good Earth Greenhouse in River Forest is excited about growing seedlings for Deep Roots Project. Good Earth may decide to open up another window of time when you can order more seedlings.

Picking up seedlings from Good Earth Greenhouse
Good Earth and Deep Roots will contact you when it is time to pick up your seedling order at their store. Planting instructions will be on each seedling’s online store product page. We will send you an email and post on our website suggested planting times depending on temperatures and weather conditions in April and June.

A planting and harvest calendar PDF will also be available for download on our website soon. It will contain useful dates for all the veggie seedlings on our store plus lots of other veggies. The approximate planting times are:

  • Plant spinach seeds in mid-April.

  • Plant spring seedlings in mid-April

  • Plant summer seedlings early June

Good Earth Greenhouse
7900 Madison Street
River Forest IL 60305
(708) 366-9500
Open everyday: 9am to 5pm

How to plant and care for your seedlings
Dan’s workshop on Container and Raised Bed Gardening on Sunday, March 3 will summarize the essentials of setting up a veggie garden and improving an existing garden. He will also give tips on growing all 23 veggie seedlings on our store. This workshop will also be available on video soon. We will add each individual video clip about each veggie to its store page.

Deep Roots edible gardening store has a variety of products
View our other edible gardening products like raised beds, small cedar growing containers, leaf mulch, biochar and fertilizers on our online store. We can deliver and install a raised bed filled with soil. The rest of our online store products don’t need to be prepaid like the seedlings. You can pay for your order when you receive your purchase. Our director David Murphy can visit your yard to help decide the best location for a raised bed or container garden.

Monthly free workshops and mentoring
We will continue monthly free workshops on organic edible gardening and related topics like food preservation, buying and cooking healthy food and season extension. Crop planning for spring, summer and fall harvests will be a continuing theme at workshops. Beginner edible gardeners can contact us about connecting with a mentor.

Order products and more info

Contact David Murphy, Managing Director 773-502-5600, dmurphy[at]

Support our work!

All purchases and donations go to support our free workshops and other educational work. The Deep Roots staff are volunteers.