Potluck Garden Party and Open Meeting

Sunday, September 10

1:30 to 3:30pm –  networking, eating and party time
3:30 to 5:30pm – a discussion about the Deep Roots Project

-Bringing snacks & drinks is optional.
-Share this invitation with friends.

Estelle Carol's garden
323 East Ave.
Oak Park

Contact: David Murphy
Managing Director

DRP is a growing community of organic gardeners! We want to help you grow beautiful, healthy, edible and native gardens, conserve water, save time, share land, share knowledge and lots more. Find out about resources, workshops, volunteer opportunities, sharing plans and benefits of becoming a DRP member. We will answer your questions and help you learn the best methods to a bountiful harvest with the least input of time and money. We value everyone’s successes and failures as we explore the joys of nature and gardening. Plus, our new raised bed kits will make setting up (or expanding) a vegetable garden fast and easy.

”We owe our children the gift of growing some of their own food and connecting with the earth…  Educating ourselves and future generations about sustainable landscaping will help fulfill the new vision for healthy food, healthy garden and healthy planet.” – Rosalind Creasy, author of ‘Edible Landscaping’

We need people with a range of skills and abilities. Help out as much or as little as fits your interests and schedule.  We have several projects to pick from. . . or suggest your own project and job description.

Some volunteer opportunities:

What you learn and share as a volunteer can enhance not only your garden but impact your career and life skills overall.

  1. Help plan workshops based on what our community wants to learn – pick topics, find presenters, do workshop logistics, arrange field trips.
  2. Help broadcast our message through social media. Find useful and exciting content for posts and blogs. Help with Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. Learn social media marketing skills, practice your writing and story telling skills. 
  3. Help expand the DRP website. Help find resources, articles, stories, photos, videos. Learn how to load content to a SquareSpace website. (www.deep-roots-project.org)
  4. Help bring the DRP vision and resources to churches, schools and organizations. Help coordinate our table at the Oak Park Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.
  5. Help expand our community of volunteers. Talk with potential volunteers one-on-one, plan training sessions, identify skills and needs. Match new volunteers to DRP projects.
  6. Help co-ordinate or join our garden education team. Find new ways to get answers to gardening questions coming from the DRP community. This could include a Q&A gardening newsletter, an online forum, matching beginner gardeners to mentors.
  7. Edit and write for the DRP monthly email newsletter.
  8. Help develop a sharing network for land, tools, supplies, skills, food and more.
  9. Help our team of carpenters assemble the new DRP raised bed kits and other gardening kits. We created an efficient template and assembly method that is easy and fun.