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Our products, designs and methods are based on hundreds of hours of research and experimentation. The end result is a successful, fun, and amazing edible garden right from the start, and it just keeps getting better.

  • Have a bountiful harvest your first year with our materials and methods.
  • Our raised beds, soil, mulch and organic fertilizers nurture healthy soil which yields healthy resilient vegetables.
  • Our products include custom soil blend for edibles, dense leaf mulch, custom raised beds, compost tea, organic fertilizer, biochar and more.
  • We offer delivery and installation of raised beds, soil and mulch.
  • We support and educate local organic edible gardening communities.
  • We encourage and empower residents through FREE workshops about natural lawn care. edible garden design, spring edible gardening, raised bed gardening, season extension and watering/irrigation.
  • We are part of a growing national movement to remove toxic chemicals from our homes, yards, water and food.
  • For more details or to place an order contact our director David Murphy at (773) 502-5600 and dmurphy@deep-roots-project.org.
  • Purchases made from the our online store fund our mission. We are a 501c3 nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.


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Edible Gardening Products


Hand-crafted 16” Tall Raised Garden Beds

Soil and amendments


August 2018 sales sheet. Prices may vary. Check website for current prices & product details. 

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Contact David Murphy, Managing Director 773-502-5600, dmurphy[at]deep-roots-project.org

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All purchases and donations go to support our free workshops and other educational work. The Deep Roots staff are volunteers.