Trifecta + (5 - 10 -5)


Trifecta + (5 - 10 -5)

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Trifecta + (5 - 10 -5)
The Ultimate Soil Supercharger

Trifecta + is a natural base, all purpose, premium blend fertilizer guaranteed to make you plants insanely healthy, boost production and give you professional results for a fraction of the cost. Trifecta+ is a natural base, premium blend fertilizer. Lasts all year long (if properly applied) and will increase flowering production as well as root growth, plant health, and produce sweeter healthier, more nutrient rich vegetables.

  • Boosts in flower production, increases plant health and vigor,

  • Makes stronger healthier roots system

  • All these results and more can be seen with Trifecta+

  • Pet safe, kid safe,

  • Perfect for organic gardening

  • A perfect combination of micronutrients, beneficial fungi and bacteria, and macronutrients.

  • Offers both fast realize and slow release nutrients

  • Feeds all season long

  • Contains over 50 trace minerals

  • Contains beneficial bacteria & fungi

  • All crops can benefit

  • Top quality ingredients

  • High NPK levels (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)

  • Can use diluted to start seeds.

  • Can use on both fruit and vegetables.

  • Both ends and echo mycorysszza fungi.

Suggested application:

  • Tomatoes - 1/4 cup each plant

  • Peppers - 3 tbs each plant

  • Cucumbers - 3 tbs each plant

  • Beans - 1/3 lb (1.3 cups) for 32 sq ft

  • Carrots - 1/3 lb (1.3 cups) for 32 sq ft

Derived from:

bone meal, greensand, potash, kelp meal, blood meal, poultry manure, urea, feather meal, cottonseed meal, dolomitic lime, calcium dehydrate, rock gypsum, epson salt, azomite, rock phosphate, chelated iron, alfalfa meal, humic acid


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