Nassau Peppers


Nassau Peppers

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Seedlings (Non Organic)

$1 per plant: Buy a 4-pack of seedlings for $4.oo.
78¢ per plant: Buy a tray of 32 seedlings (eight 4-packs) for $25.

See full seedling ordering instructions with a photo of a 4-pack.

Directions: You can order both 4-packs and full trays from this page.

Step 1: Select if you want to buy 4-packs or full trays in the “Select Order type” field.
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Step 3: If you want to order both 4-packs and full trays send them to the shopping card as separate orders.

Plant description

Productive Cubanelle for frying. Nassau's cylindrical fruits with lobed ends avg. 7-8" x 2 1/2" and are excellent for frying. Usually used when unripe and light green, but can also be used red. Very popular in Caribbean cooking. Nassau offers a better disease package than Biscayne, which it replaces. High resistance to bacterial leaf spot races 1-3, 7, and 8. See our growing tips!

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