Green Zebra Tomato


Green Zebra Tomato

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Seedlings (Organic)

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Plant description

Green Zebra tomatoes are covered in vertical stripes which line the exterior of their vibrant green skin. When ripe the stripes will turn from pale green to a yellow hue. ... Its flesh has a classic tomato flavor and will be tangy and astringent when young then take on a balanced sweet tart flavor once fully ripe. I usually eat them when they're showing just a little bit of yellow color. One of my favorite ways to eat these tomatoes is to simply cut into chunks, drizzle with a bit of good olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt, and crumble over some chunks of goat cheese. See our tomato growing tips!

Watering tomatoes

  • Bone meal which is rich in calcium should be added when the seedling is planted.

  • Water very deeply at the root like watering a tree

  • But don’t water if soil is still moist. Do the water test before watering again.

  • Lots our rain over many consecutive days can leach the calcium from the soil

  • Calcium deficiency in the soil cause blossom end rot

  • After a period of heavy rains reapply bone meal. Mix in with the top layer of soil.

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