Biochar Benefits Infographic.png
Biochar Benefits Infographic.png



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Spreadable organic fertilizer for lawns and organic garden beds
Sustainable, natural, and safe healthy plants start with healthy soil. Biochar mixed with compost and nutrients helps plants thrive by improving the efficiency of your soil. The biochar added to the initial soil of a bed remains in the soil to increase fertility and water absorption while decreasing nutrient leaching.

Why our biochar?

  • Reduces water needs

  • Aerates soils and reduces compaction

  • Reduces fertilizer and chemical inputs

  • Buffers pH

  • Increases nutrient uptake (CEC)

  • Provides permanent home for biology (microbes and other tiny soil organisms)

  • Reduces the possibility of disease in your soil.

  • Captures and holds carbon in soil, thus reducing greenhouse gases

Biochar supports healthy soil microbes that feed the soil and the plants. If you use Deep Roots Super Growth Garden Soil blend, 5% biochar is already mixed into the soil. Mix 5 to 10% volume of biochar with the soil in an existing raised bed.

Biochar may look like charcoal but it isn’t made the same way, so don’t start dumping your fireplace ashes into your garden. Our biochar contains a high carbon level, and it is incredibly porous. All of those pores help retain water and provide a cozy home for microorganisms to grow and survive off of the nutrients in the soil. Their interactions are a natural way to get nitrogen and other important elements back into the roots. As the bacteria thrive so does the natural process that makes your plant grow.

Biochar is an ancient soil amendment from Amazon civilizations rediscovered in the 1990s. Scientists figured out that carbon in decomposing plants which would otherwise escape into the air as greenhouse gases, was sequestered by the biologically active charcoal in the soil. The charcoal is colonized by billions of microbes, fungi, earthworms, and other creatures which produce carbon-based molecules that stick to the charcoal, gradually increasing the soil’s carbon content. Every ton of this biochar in the soil is capable of capturing and holding at least 3 tons of carbon.

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