Learn, Share & Grow with Deep Roots

We invite you to find out more about becoming a volunteer. Let's work together to bring edible landscaping & toxic-free lawns to our communities.

When you signed up to receive the Deep Roots Project newsletter you asked for more information about volunteering. Our volunteer coordinator Estelle would love to chat about what volunteer assignments that are perfect for your interests, skills and available time. Contact Estelle at 708-386-7197 (landline), 708-616-6473 (cell) and estelle[at]deep-roots-project.org. Call anytime. She can also arrange a time to meet in person or by phone.

Have fun while you learn and meet new friends

We want all our volunteers to have fun and learn while they contribute to expanding the Deep Roots community. What you learn and share as a volunteer can enhance not only your gardening and other skills, but is an enjoyable way to make a positive impact on our community. Everyone can help out as their time permits by choosing activities that they enjoy.

Build a sustainable community

We invite you to be a part of our sustainable movement right here in our own backyards! So come grow with us, get your hands in the dirt (or not). Meet like-minded individuals who care about the earth and are ready to promote, educate, inspire, celebrate and build a sustainable community that:

  • grows our own food

  • takes toxics our of our yards and our homes

  • shares our skills and tools

  • understands which foods ensure a long and healthy life

  • supports healthy lifestyles for all ages

  • creates a healthy environment for our families

Deep Roots has 6 teams

View team descriptions and a list of the many ways you can help on our Become a Volunteer page.

  • Communications Team

  • Outreach & Volunteer Team

  • Education & Workshop Team

  • Build & Outdoor Team

  • Sales Team

  • Infrastructure Team

The Deep Roots community will grow because of the hard work and creativity of our incredible volunteers. A volunteer can work with more that one team. You can try out several Deep Roots volunteer jobs. The team leader will guide and train you as needed.

Can you help us find key volunteers we need right now?

Assistant social media manager: The volunteer we need most right now is an assistant social media manager for Facebook and Instagram. We need a volunteer who loves social media, has some experience growing food and wants to learn more about both growing food and social media marketing. We can train the assistant in the fastest way to create posts so it will take only 1-2 hours per week.

Shoveling soil and mulch: This is the busy season for installing new raised beds. We need people to help shovel soil and mulch off of our truck. Tell us when you have time.

Contact Estelle Carol, volunteer coordinator

708-386-7197 (landline)
708-616-6473 (cell)
Call anytime or let’s find a time to meet in person or by phone. Please share this message with family, friends and neighbors who may be interested in learning about out work.