Tomato Growing Tips

Complete Growing Guide For Healthy Organic Tomatoes (10 min) -

  • PH should be 5.5.

  • Plant extra deep.

  • Maintain even soil moisture. Never let soil dry out.

  • First fertilize with blood meal (nitrogen) and worm castings.

  • Stop feeding nitrogen around July 4 and start feeding phosphorus with bone meal.

  • Add as much egg shells for calcium as want.

  • Epson Salt (magnesium phosphate) and nitrogen work together on calcium absorption.

  • Every 2 weeks mix 1to 3 tbsp epsom salt to one gallon of water.

  • Space 2 feet apart to get air flow around plant to prevent fungi and blight

Our 6 Step Secret to Growing 10+ ft Tall Tomatoes Organically! -

  • Use 8 ft stakes with firing strips

  • Fertilize with Trifecta Plus in beginning.

  • Use well balanced fertilizer approach with both nitrogen and Phosphorus

  • Massive yields in small square footage

  • Pick Indeterminate variety so grows all season long

  • Better use cherry, plumb and grape tomatoes rather than huge tomatoes. Easier to get health tall plants

  • Harvest early and often. Pick at 90% ripeness

  • Keep plant stress-free

Our Tomato Trellising Methods - How to Prune Single Stem Tomatoes (9 min)

Pros and cons of pruning tomatoes (single stem method) or NOT pruning tomatoes (Florida weave method).

How to Florida Weave Tomatoes (9 min)

Use thick strong metal stakes (“T-posts”) and nylon twine that won’t break. Stakes are maximum every 10 feet. Don’t have to prune and gets good air flow which prevent fungus and blight

3 Simple Steps to Blight Free Tomatoes All Season (11 min)

All tomatoes plants are prone to blight (soil and sir born fungus)

  • Easy to prevent blight and double or triple the harvest

  • Blight spores need moisture to propagate

  • Must single stem method

  • Defoliation important since less leaf clutter gets more air flow

  • Prune lower branches. Keep leaves at least 10 inches from soil

  • Every 2 weeks spray with baking soda to change the PH of leaves so blight spores can’t colonize.

  • Recipe: Add 2 tbsp baking soda, one tbsp vegetable oil, and few drops of dish soap to one gallon water. Shake and spray on plants.

  • Sunlight prevents blight. Leaves that don’t get sun tend to get blight.

  • Remove branched that grow into center of bed

  • Can still prune fully mature tomato plants

Get 3 Times More Tomatoes By Simply Using Your Fingers!

  • Male and female sex organs are on all flowers

  • Insect or a finger knocks the pollen from above to email parts below

  • Flick flowers with your finger for 10 seconds, Can do it hard and won’t hurt it.

  • If don’t touch the flowers about 25% of flowers will fruit

  • Can use electric vibrating tooth brush instead of a finger