Growing tips for Zucchini and Squash

Organic zucchini with strong disease resistance. Open plants with low spines provide easy harvests of dark-green, straight zucchinis. High yields and good fruit set, even in variable conditions. Equally suited for field and tunnel. Very similar to Dunja in habit and performance, but Desert's fruits are slightly straighter and more flecked, and plants have added CMV resistance. Intermediate resistance to cucumber mosaic virus, powdery mildew, papaya ringspot virus, watermelon mosaic virus, and zucchini yellow mosaic virus. Organically grown. - Prune Zucchini to Increase Production -

Prevent Powdery Mildew & Prevent Blossom End Rot VIDEO

  • The secret to getting zucchini to produce all season long is pruning

  • Main problem are overcrowding and powdery mildew

  • Air flow dries leave and prevent powdery mildew

  • Constantly prune the lower leaves and encourage top growth

  • Cutting out the excess leaves improves the air flow

  • Too much clutter of leaves makes it harder for pollinators to find the towers

  • Pruning promotes more growth

  • Lower leaves get powdery mild e first sign are wetter and don get sun

  • With squash blossom end rot is lack of pollination - not lack of calcium and water

  • Can safely prune out 30-40% of the leaves

Squash vine borer videos

It's best to take further precaution against a common insect called squash vine borer. There have been many instances of this insect attacking zucchini plants in this area. Never plant zucchini in the same spot it was in last year. Plus to protect the seedlings from a squash vine borer finding it while it is still weak we suggest you cover the seedling with row cover, a soft, light, white fabric. Support the fabric so it doesn't touch the seedling, and give it some space to grow. Cover the edges of the row cover with soil to prevent the insects from crawling under it.