Watch This Latest Scientific Research to Protect Your Family's Health


Watch the trailer here.

Deep Roots Project invites you to watch the important new docu-series, 'GMOs Revealed' using our custom login credentials. Learn about the latest startling scientific information and the little discussed politics behind the GMO industry. There are 11 episodes in total and each is approximately 90 minutes long. We recommend episodes one, two, and nine as a good place to start.

We want to foster discussion about the best ways to avoid the harmful effects of GMOs, conventionally grown produce and processed foods. Please share this information with your networks and loved ones!

Deep Roots Project streaming video account for GMOs Revealed
password: drp#2017

We are planing an upcoming event to watch 'GMO's Revealed' followed by a discussion of the best ways to avoid the dangers inherent in conventional western diets. Details on the event will be available soon.