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October 28th, 2017 Volume 1, Issue 2

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The Deep Roots Project-Who Are We?
New Docu-series on GMOs
End of Season Sale
Volunteer Opportunities 


Deep Roots Project

We are part of a growing national movement to remove toxic chemicals from our homes, yards, water and food.


Our organization grew out of a proposal submitted to the OPRF Community Foundation's Big Idea contest last year. Deep Roots Project was one of five finalists, which we took as an encouraging acknowledgement from the community that there was truly a need and desire for information, training, tools, and equipment, as well as new creative approaches to solving our shared food crises.

Learn more about our mission on our website at


Watch This Latest Scientific Research to Protect Your Family's Health


  Watch the trailer here.

Deep Roots Project invites you to watch the important new docu-series, 'GMOs Revealed' using our custom login credentials. Learn about the latest startling scientific information and the little discussed politics behind the GMO industry. There are 11 episodes in total and each is approximately 90 minutes long. We recommend episodes one, two, and nine as a good place to start.

We want to foster discussion about the best ways to avoid the harmful effects of GMOs, conventionally grown produce and processed foods. Please share this information with your networks and loved ones!

Deep Roots Project streaming video account for GMOs Revealed
password: drp#2017


We are planing an upcoming event to watch 'GMO's Revealed' followed by a discussion of the best ways to avoid the dangers inherent in conventional western diets. Details on the event will be available soon.

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End of Season $ale

 Our organic potting soil
and dense mulch save time and money. 

Much time, planning and labor went into researching, finding and mixing the ingredients for our potting soil. The finished soil is packed into easily transportable one cubic foot bags. We sell soil & mulch kits to fill a raised bed. We also sell individual bags of soil, mulch, compost, biochar, rock dust. Our premium potting soil  and dense mulch save time and money.

Our premium potting soil mix contains top soil, sand, organic compost, biochar, peat moss. Peat moss is a non-renewable resource that keeps your soil fluffy and moist. Rock dust is part of the kit in its own small bag.

Super dense leaf mulch retains moisture in your soil longer than other mulches. A process of storing and turning huge mounds of shredded leaves results in heat and compression creating a dense texture. This mulch cut watering by about half and was the most efficient mulch we tried. The Chicago Botanical Garden uses the kind of mulch.

Screened organic compost can be added to existing veggie soil. It should also be added around plants to replenish nutrients a few times during the growing season.

Biochar supports healthy soil microbes. We have added 7% biochar by volume to the Deep Roots potting soil blend. We use top quality biochar pre-mixed with compost made by Mirimichi Green) This brand was picked by the IL AG Extension as the most effective with fast results. Our compost pre-inoculates the charcoal with microbes.  
Rock dust contains important trace minerals made from pulverized glacial rocks. We don’t pre-mix it into our soil mix. A 2.5 lb bag is the correct amount for a 3’ x 6’ x 16” bed.  We include a high quality face mask with each bag of Rock Dust. Avoid breathing the fine dust since it is harmful to your lungs. Learn more

                  PRICES: Soil, mulch and amendments by the bag

Premium Potting Soil Blend –    $6 per bag (one cubic foot, 40 lbs.)
Dense Leaf Mulch –                     $3 per bag(one cubic foot, 20 lbs.)
Screened Organic Compost –    $3 per bag (one cubic foot, 40 lbs.)
Biochar –                                    $20 per bag (half cubic foot, 13.5 lbs)
Rock Dust –                                 $3 per bag (2.5 lbs.)  

Premium Potting Soil & Mulch Kits
Save 10% when you buy soil and mulch for a whole bed.

                             BED SIZE            SOIL           MULCH          PRICE
                           3’ x 3’ x 16”         9 cu ft           3 cu ft             $57
                           3’ x 6’ x  8”          9 cu ft           3 cu ft             $57
                           3’ x 6’ x 16”        18 cu ft          6 cu ft           $114

                           3’ x 3’ x  8”        4.5 cu ft          2 cu ft             $30  

To order products and to get more information contact
David Murphy, 773-502-5600,

All purchases and donations go to support our
free workshops and other educational work.
The Deep Roots staff are all volunteers.

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Volunteer Opportunities

As Deep Roots Project moves forward we are looking for new members and volunteers to help us with expanding our reach and enhancing our capabilities. With these goals in mind, we have multiple volunteer opportunities and projects to choose from.

Why volunteer with Deep Roots Project:

What you learn and share as a volunteer can enhance not only your gardening skills but is an enjoyable way to work together to make a positive impact in our community.

We welcome volunteers and new members to our monthly core team meetings, BUT attending meetings is NOT a requirement of volunteering. Everyone can help out as their time permits by working in conjunction with a core team member.


  • Join the Deep Roots Project's communications team. Volunteers can assist with broadcasting our message through social media by applying social media marketing skills, lending your writing and story telling skills and helping to identify useful and exciting content for posts and blogs.

  • Help with writing and editing our DRP monthly newsletter.

  • Assist with the planing of future workshops, finding presenters, and helping to organize learning excursions.and workshops.

  • Enhance the DRP website by finding resources, articles, stories, photos, and videos. (

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Staff tables at outreach opportunities and public events.

  • Help to expand our community of volunteers. Talk with potential volunteers one-on-one, plan training sessions, identify skills and needs. Match new volunteers to DRP projects.

  • Join our gardening education team. Help to provide answers to gardening questions coming from the DRP community. This could include a Q&A gardening newsletter, an online forum, or matching beginner gardeners to mentors.

  • Assist in developing a sharing network for land, tools, supplies, skills, food and more.

  • Help assemble and install our raised garden bed kits and other products. Get your hands dirty with the DRP team and have some fun.

  • Share DRP's vision and resources with churches, schools and other organizations.

Thank you for all of your support. We believe that by working together we can make a great impact!

Contact Us for More Details
Please contact David Murphy for details on how to get involved or with any questions. We need volunteers. Share your special skills and ideas.

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