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We want all our volunteers to have fun and learn while they contribute to expanding the Deep Roots community. We can customize a volunteer assignment to your time, interests, and skills.

Volunteer Gathering and Potluck Dinner on March 30, 2019 RSVP here

Meet our volunteer teams and supporters at our periodic volunteer potluck dinners at 5:30pm at the Good Earth Greenhouse located at 7900 Madison Street, River Forest. Volunteer teams will gather of discussion ad food as needed.

Learn. Share. Grow.

We invite you to be a part of our sustainable movement right here in our own backyards!

So come grow with us, get your hands in the dirt (or not). Meet like-minded individuals who care about the earth and are ready to promote, educate, inspire, celebrate and build a sustainable community that:

  • creates a healthy environment for our families

  • grows our own food

  • takes toxics our of our yards and our homes

  • shares our skills and tools

  • understands which foods ensure a long and healthy life

  • supports healthy lifestyles for all ages

What you learn and share as a volunteer can enhance not only your gardening skills but is an enjoyable way to work together to make a positive impact on our community. Everyone can help out as their time permits by choosing activities that they enjoy.

Contact Us

Attending gatherings and meetings is NOT necessary to be a volunteer. We are happy to meet with you individually to talk about what volunteer job is right for your interests, skills and time availability. Tell us about a volunteer job you would like to add to our list below. If you can't come to one of our volunteer events and have questions please contact Estelle at 708-386-7197 and estelle[at] The date of the next volunteer event will be listed in our Upcoming Events page.

Our volunteers work in teams

Core Team – Plans strategy and focus for Deep Roots current and future work

Our Teams

  • Building and Outdoor Team (builds raised beds, delivers soil, compost and mulch)

  • Communications Team (e-newsletter, social media, blog, PR)

  • Education and Workshop Team

  • Sales Team (manages our online store)

  • Outreach Team (builds connections with the local community)

Details on volunteer opportunities

Together we can make a difference building a local community of educators, edible gardeners and environmental stewards. Learn about many kinds of volunteer opportunities like:

We need volunteers to help out when they have time:

  • Building cedar raised beds and planting containers in our garage workshop

  • Delivering raised beds, soil, compost, mulch

  • Filling raised beds

  • Planting seedlings and seeds

  • Helping get people to sign our Health Family/Healthy Lawn pledge and switch to natural and organic lawn care methods

  • Engaging people at events like the Farmers Market, volunteer fairs, Day in Our Village and handing out flyers

  • Helping plant native plants gardens in parkways

  • Calling DRP volunteers and members about meetings and events

  • Reaching out to schools, congregations and local groups

  • Helping out at events (check-in, newsletter signups, surveys, serving food, etc)

  • Assisting our sales manager with orders, customer questions, tracking deliveries, updating spreadsheets, etc.

We need volunteers to work with our core team and team leaders on specific projects:

  • Volunteer c-ordinator – recruiting, coordinating and supporting volunteers and helping volunteers decide what they want to do.

  • Outreach coordinator – connecting and collaborating with local groups like congregations, gov’t agencies, schools, scouts, and neighborhood organizations of all sizes

  • Sales Manager – managing and growing sales for our online store

  • Event Planner – planning events like or volunteer potluck dinners

  • Grant writer – managing fundraising opportunities and writing grant proposals

  • Workshop presenters (or assistant presenters) – topics include edible organic gardening, healthy diet and lifestyle, harvest preservation

  • Online education coordinator – helping us transform our workshop videos into an online course on edible gardening customized to our area that uses the best time-efficient organic methods

  • Assistant website administrator – website updates and improve our website in various ways.

  • Blogger – help develop a “news aggregation blog”. We have collected many marvelous articles that the blogger can summarize and link to from our blog posts. Research new articles, books, garden methods and tools are constantly being created that we want to share with our gardening community.

  • Social media assistant – helping with social media posts and our e-newsletter

  • Edible gardening mentor – answer gardening questions. Teach our method of building healthy soil that grows healthy pest-resistant, nutrient-dense edible plants. Teach garden methods that save time and money like drip irrigation and how to keep moisture in the soil.

  • Database assistant – help manage our database of community members, supporters and organizations

  • Photographer / Videographer / Video editer

  • Writer – help with our blog, e-newsletter and printed materials

  • Assistant to team leaders – helps team leaders co-ordinate their projects, schedule volunteers, meet deadlines, manage meeting notes, and workflow. We have been using the Trello project management online tool

  • Sharing Coordinator – work with our outreach coordinator to develop a system where community members share land, tools, knowledge, skills and harvested food

We welcome donations

Purchases made from the our online edible gardening store fund our vision. We are a 501c3 nonprofit and donations are tax deductible.

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